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Our partners have specialist regional knowledge and experience of helping women achieve their potential. This means the Voodoo Park Trust can maximise the impact it has on changing lives.
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How we Work

The money we raise is used to support women who are excluded from the global economy, often in rural communities with no access to institutional finance. We work with charitable partners to provide women, and in turn, their communities, a stepping stone out of poverty.
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Our grants programme is open for applications from charitable organisations whose programme work aligns with our objectives.

Over 58% of economies place legal constraints on women starting and running businesses, impacting their access to credit, ability to sign a contract, open a bank account and register a business. 01

In 40% of economies, women’s early stage entrepreneurial activity is half or less than half of that of men’s. 02

80% of women-owned businesses with credit needs are underserved, and women in developing countries are nine per cent less likely than men to have a bank account. 03

The VDP Trust aims to create opportunities for disadvantaged women around the world by increasing access to finance, training & support services for those starting up or growing their businesses. We seek to build a more inclusive and equitable global economy to benefit our communities.

This year we are covering "5 Corners of the World". Each charity, foundation or trust resides in an area where our people are. To find out more about who we are supporting, head on over to "Our Partners" page

The VDP Trust also aims to challenge and break down the social and economic constructs that allow gender-based inequality to persist. We believe that if we can change or remove the systems that prevent women from reaching their potential then we will spur on equality and achieve more as a society.

Women reinvest 90% of their income into their families and rearing children for success, helping communities to end the cycle of poverty. 04

Despite gender inequalities in the labour market and gender wage gaps globally, women migrant workers were responsible for sending half of the estimated $601.3 Billion remittances worldwide in 2016. 05

With external funds (i.e. venture capital), women-led businesses are equally likely to achieve exit outcomes, through IPOs or acquisitions, as those led by men. 06

Creating a fairer world by investing in Women