About Us

Our Grants

Through our charitable partners, we reach women in rural communities, with the least access to finance and opportunity. Our partners provide skills based training as well as MicroFinance and support programmes to empower women and the communities that rely on them.

Our MicroFinance partners invest the modest loan interest into reaching more women and providing the necessary support services to ensure recipients thrive.

Why MicroFinance through Charities

If other options exist for the women that we support, they are often bad. For example, borrowing through Commercial MFIs (Microfinance Institutions) who make loan recipients take out life insurance, take collateral or put debt onto other family members should repayments be missed. These institutions also do not provide the necessary support services to ensure that loans are successfully utilised and not used for consumption only.

Increasingly however, even Commercial MFIs are now moving away from rural communities and exclusively into urban settings.

Social Performance

Our microfinance partners use the Social Performance Task Force’s Universal Standards of Social Performance Management framework, including impact measurement through the ‘Progress out of Poverty’ Index.

Our Vision

Voodoo Park Trust are collecting data to help to build the case for institutional lending to communities who are currently excluded from the global economy - working with others to make a meaningful difference both now and in the future, by changing the way in which money is lent and doing our part to mobilize finance to leave no one behind.

Our Team

Voodoo Park Trust was founded by the leadership team of Technology Services Company Voodoo Park Ltd. In the knowledge that gender discrimination holding too many women back, holds our world back too, the founders set up the Trust to fulfil their obligation to have a positive impact on our global communities.

Laura Marston, Trustee

Laura has held a number of roles across retail, fashion, media and non-profit organisations, ranging from customer experience management up to and including HR generalist, where she is a member of the CIPD. She is a charity advocate for The Swallows charity, and a founding member of peer to peer support group Young Tongues Global, for those who have tongue cancer. She has also written a recipe book for people going through oral cancer. Laura has a deep desire to play a part in ensuring the gender imbalance changes, so that her nieces will have a safe, fulfilled life where they can reach their fullest potential

John Miller, Trustee

John is a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. He has held a number of senior Finance roles across multiple sectors, including BPO, Tech, Media and Professional Services. He has a particular interest in playing a part in redressing the gender imbalance as he is the proud Father of two young girls.

David Glennie, Trustee

David is the CEO of Voodoo Park Ltd with 20 years’ experience running hi-tech businesses. David founded the Trust to create meaningful social change and increase economic participation around the world. He trained as an actor and musician, before getting involved in technology at the turn of the century, and lives with his wife and two children in Hertfordshire.